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Jembe Fund is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, founded in 2019 by Mutua Kasinga, a 14-year-old student from Houston, Texas. With the goal of giving other kids like him an easy way to do their part to help, the organization’s focus is on helping teens in Africa acquire tablets, laptops, and data bundles to access the digital learning platforms.

Tablets / Laptops

Give a tablet to one of the needy teens in developing countries and contribute towards our dream of transforming the learner’s experience in Africa.

Data Bundles

For as little as $15 per month, you could help a teenager in Africa stay connected to the internet. This will help the teens in high school to conduct research and join millions of online learners, while staying connected to their favorite tutors even during the holidays.

Tutoring and Learning

Teens from poor backgrounds cannot access digital learning resources. You can contribute towards the establishment of digital learning platforms for the Teens in Africa. This could be through sponsoring a child to afford a personal tutor, for a customized and learning experience that is suited to the learner’s personal needs.

Mutua wants to help kids like him to understand how little it takes to completely transform the lives of kids in developing countries. For example, just one gaming system is enough to provide annual data bundle subscription, to tens of teenagers in developing countries.

Through Jembe Fund High school teens are able to access digital learning kits that they can use to stay connected to their personal tutors and research different topics. The hope is that by providing this small stepping stone, learners can compete with their age mates in developed countries. Further, the Jembe Fund will help bridge the digital divide in learning institutions around the globe.

By pledging the equivalent of a new gaming console or pair of sneakers, you can help improve the quality of education and the overall learner’s experience.




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